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Jan. 2010
Dec. 2019
€110 000
2018 funding from the Carrefour Foundation
€115 000
2017 funding from the Carrefour Foundation
€224 000
Fundings from the Carrefour Foundation beetween 2010 and 2016
Les Restos du Coeur

Funding of refrigerated trucks and cold storage rooms for Restos du Cœur

“Les restos du Coeur” were founded in 1985 by Coluche, a French humorist, to support people in the most vulnerable situations. The association works with volunteers to promote the economic and social reinsertion of homeless people, in particular by distributing free meals.

Last year, Restos du Cœur alone distributed almost 136 million meals to 960 000 people in need in France. Refrigerated trucks play an important role in this endeavour by providing the missing link between the donor stores and the distribution centres of Restos du Cœur. Fondation Carrefour is well aware of the issues involved and is pleased to co-finance the purchase of such equipment.

The new vehicles will be used for the daily collection of foodstuffs from partner stores in the region.  They will be particularly valuable for transporting frozen foods, maintaining the cold chain until delivery to the distribution centres in the different regions.

The project ultimately has a dual objective: on the one hand to facilitate collection and thus enable more meals to be distributed, and at the same time to make it possible to deliver fragile products, such as frozen foods, fruit and vegetables, and thus improve the nutritional balance of the meals served in the Restos du Cœur canteens.

In 2017, the Foundation granted 115 000 euros to co-finance 8 news refrigerated trucks for the regional Restos du Coeur : Saône et Loire, Haute-Savoien Ain, Alpes Maritime, Seine et Marne, Isère, Indre, and Loiret.

 In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation financed eight refrigerated trucks and one cold-storage rooms for nine regional offices.

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