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Feb. 2015
Dec. 2018
€90 326
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2017
€46 511
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2015

Fundatia Hospice Casa Sperantei - Access to healthy dietary for vulnerable patients in Romania

In Bucharest, 15 000 people die of cancer every year, among which only 8.44% benefit from  social support. During hospitalization, appetite decreases (in consequence of the disease, secondary effects of heavy treatments, loneliness…). This loss of appetite often results in an important weight diminution, or can even cause malnutrition. Consequently, treatments’ efficiency is decreased, while the duration of hospitalization increases.

Carrefour Foundation gives its support tothis project which aims to improve deprived patients’ quality of life. Patients will be addressed by social services and partner associations. They will be offered menus designed in alignment with their nutritional needs, their pathology, and their personal tastes. Many constraints will have to be incorporated to the composition of these meals: disease, age, sanitary and quality norms. These different features will enable the Foundation to create a guide.

The Carrefour Foundation supported the national expansion of the project in 2017, and its contribution gave access to this program to 250 new beneficiaries.

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