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Dec. 2018
Dec. 2018
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2018

In France, the charity Ma P’tite Echoppe will launch a cooperative and social grocery store in Antony in octobre 2018

The charity Ma P'tite Echoppe, created in 2018, works to ensure that the most vlnerable people have access to healthy, high-quality food, with dignity and without stigmatization.

In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation is supporting my P'tite Echoppe charity to open a cooperative and social grocery store, which will open in October 2018 in Antony. The grocery store will be a cooperative living space, open to all, in order to strengthen the social link between the inhabitants of a district and allow everyone to have access to quality food: the majority of the products will come from short circuits and organic agriculture. Product prices will be adapted to the public, according to their level of precariousness. The innovative aspect of the project is based on software that credits a member card to pay for purchases at the cash register. Thus avoids stigmatizing people in precarious situations, since no one knows the level of subsidy of the grocery store members.

 Social workers will participate with the volunteers in the daily management of the grocery store, in order to provide the best possible support for the vulnerable people who go there.

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