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Sep. 2018
Sep. 2019
Meals cooked per week
€20 000
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2018
Food for Soul

Food for Soul opens in Italy a new restaurant for the most vulnerable people

Food for Soul was founded by the chef Massimo Bottura to empower communities to fight food waste through social inclusion. Food for Soul supports the implementation of “Refettorio” and "Social Table" restaurants across the world to offer meals to the most vulnerable members of the community in esthetic and welcoming restaurants.

In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation works with Food for Soul for the opening of a seventh restaurant. Food for Soul will work with the local restaurant launched by the Fondazione Made in Cloister. Since 2015, Made in Cloister has been restoring the church St-Catherine in Napoli in order to dedicate the place to art and exhibitions to make culture and gastronomy accessible for people in precarious situations. The meals will be cooked by young chefs of a nearby vocational training institute. Made in Cloister will collect 50 kg of unsold food to cook meal every night for families in vulnerable situations. 

The press conference was on 14th December and the official opening of the restaurant took place on the 16th of December. For this occasion, the families were invited to have lunch, an important tradition in Neapolitan culture.

Since 2015, the Carrefour Foundationalso supports the Gastromotiva restaurant in Brazil. Across the world, alongside local associations, Food for Soul has served 450 000 meals to 150 000 people in vulnerable situations.


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