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Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Taiwan

Food collection and food donation for Food Banks results for 2014

42 million meals collected for Food Banks in 10 countries and the equivalent of almost 89 million meals donated to food aid by Carrefour stores in 2014.

From Beijing to São Paulo, Carrefour customers, volunteers and employees helped to collect and redistribute the equivalent of 42 million meals to the needy during the 2nd annual international collection campaign coordinated by the Carrefour Foundation, with support from the European Federation of Food Banks and the assistance of The Global FoodBanking Network (as compared with 9 million meals in 2013).

Over 1,300 Carrefour volunteers lent a helping hand to food bank volunteers in more than 2,300 stores across 10 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, and for the first time, China and Taiwan.

The products collected in each of the 10 countries were redirected to local food bank outlets, for distribution to charities that assist the needy and their beneficiaries.

Food donations: Carrefour and its Foundation rank No. 1 among private contributors

>The year-long fight against food waste: apart from food donations by customers, almost 89 million meals were donated by stores to charities

Carrefour stores formalise contracts with local food aid charities to make daily donations of products close to their “sell by” date – including fruits, vegetables, fresh produce, groceries, etc. – which are removed from the shelves every morning and repacked by personnel specially trained in this procedure.

In 2014, these donations by Carrefour represented the equivalent of almost 89 million meals, including 77 million in France, where 100% of consolidated hypermarkets and supermarkets make daily donations to nonprofit organizations, Carrefour being the preferred partner of more than 800 local food aid charities (food banks, Secours Populaire, Restos du Cœur, social grocery stores, etc.). “Intradon”, a specialised system set up in Carrefour stores and warehouses in 2007, ensures the traceability of products donated to nonprofit associations, from the store shelf to the beneficiary.

>Grants to nonprofits for refrigerated trucks and cold rooms to facilitate the collection of donations from stores

Carrefour’s corporate philanthropy also stands out in terms of logistics. Having made food a  means to fight poverty and exclusion, the Carrefour Foundation allocates almost 91% of its budget of €6.5 million to fund food solidarity projects.

In this role, it endows nonprofits with refrigerated vehicles for the transport of fresh products and cold rooms for storage so that they can respect the cold chain, hygiene and security. Far from being a mere anecdote, this grant allows the nonprofits thus equipped to expand their pick-up zones to new stores (including major participants in  the mass retail sector) and therefore collect more food.

Since 1994, Carrefour has funded the acquisition of 160 refrigerated vehicles and 21 cold rooms, along with refrigerated cabinets and other equipment, to facilitate the work of the associations.



Solidarity at Carrefour:

  • Nearly 89 million meals donated worldwide, including 77 million meals in France
  • The specialised “Intradon” system including training of employees in product withdrawal and repackaging, thus enabling all consolidated hypermarkets and supermarkets in France to donate food
  • 180 equipment grants to improve logistics at food aid associations
  • €6.5 million in philanthropy dedicated to food solidarity
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