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Some Figures
Jan. 2009
Dec. 2012
volunteers mobilised
15 800
families benefiting
€ 150 000
grant from Carrefour Foundation in 2011
Red Cross
Carrefour Roumania

Food aid programme for destitute families in Romania with the Red Cross

The Carrefour Foundation and the Red Cross are campaigning to combat hunger and malnutrition in Romania.

Millions of Romanians have to go without food when they are hungry. Living in remote areas they do not have enough money to buy the right food for a balanced diet. In 2011 the Carrefour Foundation hopes to consolidate this collaboration, which has been implemented for some time by the Group's national branch, along with Red Cross Romania, providing food aid. Through its 150 000 euro grant, the Foundation hopes to be able to help extend the present national food aid network to 18 new departments. 15 800 very poor families will thus receive 192 500 kg of food packages prepared by volunteers from the country’s 35 hyper- and supermarkets. In all, 423 volunteers and 40 of the 47 Red Cross Romania points joined the effort. This will enable the families and, indirectly, the communities to which they belong, to benefit from adequate nutrition, which they are unable to afford most of the year.

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