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Dec. 2017
Dec. 2017
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2017
elderly people

Fight against the isolation of the seniors and the poor diet of students with Paupiette


The charity Paupiette started with a two-fold observation: on one side, seniors are suffering from loneliness because they live far from their relatives, especially in urban zones. On the other side, students have poor diets because they can’t afford a good meal and they do not have the time to cook.

In order to fight against the increasing feeling of isolation and exclusion among seniors and meet the needs of students who are seeking for alternatives to fast food (bad value for money), Paupiette is bringing together those two communities over lunches. The principle is simple: a senior who loves cooking and have time for it welcomes students during their lunch break to share a great moment of conviviality.

For €4, €5 or €7, students are then able to enjoy a good and healthy meal while enjoying the know-how of their elders, which reinforce the intergenerational bond.

Paupiette is now active in Paris, Bordeaux and Quimper, with 500 students a hundred of seniors. The charity wishes to spread out in other big French cities thanks to a local-ambassador network (Brest, Marseille, Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Vannes). The objective is to reach 300 active students and 20 active seniors in each city.

The funding of €20 000 from the Carrefour Foundation will participate to the spreading by enabling to strengthening the website and creating a mobile application to facilitate the connections and exchanges between seniors, more and more numerous to master the digital tools, and students.

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