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« Farinez’Vous »: a social, sustainable and artisanal bakery


Farinez’vous is an artisanal, social and sustainable bakery that trains long-term unemployed people in the  bakery, pastry and caterer fields. Its innovative model is based on a combination of social support and practical training. In addition to their innovative and solidary concept, Farinez’vous bakeries will charm  with their cozy atmosphere, delicious smell of bread and warm tea salon seating area.

The first bakery opened in 2009 next to Gare de Lyon, and then extended to Ivry in 2014 with a  second store. There are now 12 employees working for the association, among which 5 are in socio-professional integration which means that they are closely followed on their path towards a successful social and professional inclusion back into society.

In addition, a new innovative program of active training has been launched, with a Foundation support of €20 000: “Flour yourself towards employment”, which offers to 4 interns a 8 weeks therrical training, as well as 20 half-day of professional experience and 8 collective workshops.

Farinez’vous also organizes a “Discover bakery jobs” workshop to people interested in working in the artisanal bakery sector.

For more information : http://www.farinez-vous.com/

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