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Expansion of the bakery training center Manos Abiertas

The Manos Abiertas Foundation works in Argentina for people in situations of exclusion, in order to restore their dignity, to serve them and to promote their rights. Thanks to a very large volunteer network, the volunteer programs are quite diverse and varied: social, educational, health centered, etc.

With this in mind, the Manos Abiertas Foundation launched in 2006 a training center and a bakery. Today, with the Carrefour Foundation, their objective is to renovate and expand the premises. The funding for this new development is € 23,022 for the construction of an additional floor, with the aim of accommodating at least 200 additional pupils per year thanks to 40 courses taught instead of 30. Since the creation of the center, 1703 students have received certified training in bakery, pastry and catering.

There is a real need in Argentina. The waiting list of students wishing to attend courses is already up to 280. Even before obtaining a certification, 30% are already hired by the partner companies and 40% become micro entrepreneurs at the end of the training. This project also has two other solidarity points: during classes, products are cooked for learning, and they are then redistributed to families in financial difficulties. And apart from these courses, the equipment is made available to the students, which allows them to develop their skills.


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