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Aug. 2016
Aug. 2016
34 401€
grant from the Carrefour Fondation
Les Restos du Coeur

Employment ensured for the future butchers

The Carrefour Foundation and the association “Restaurants du Coeur” are renewing their project of professional integration around the trade of butcher. Many positions are available in the large-scale distribution companies. The idea is to improve the program of the Tremplins du Coeur, following the success of the first experiment "Mobilization and access to the trade of Boucher" in the Carrefour Markets of Ile de France.

Supported by Pôle Emploi, FORCO, and Espace Emploi among others, the association and the Foundation want to launch the next phase of the partnership. The objectives are: welcoming 15 new trainees, creating a guide in order to replicate the project in other food companies, and doing a study of trades in the sector.

For this modeling of the integration paths based on the pilot experiment, the Carrefour Foundation provides a financial aid of 34 401 €.


I never imagined becoming a butcher. This training enabled me to discover a new trade, with a commercial aspect that I really like. And it's given me long-term perpectives.

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