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Emmaüs Défi celebrates a super Christmas event


Emmaüs Défi organises a large solidarity sale of new and second-hand toys in its stores. Emmaus Défi teams have collected more than 10,000 toys in recent months to prepare the bric-a-brac area.


The Carrefour Foundation has organised a collection from employees. A dozen boxes of toys were donated, followed by a major storage operation in the Foundation's office! Carrefour has donated more than 4000 new toys for this great event.


On Saturday, December 8, the space was open to the public. On Wednesday, December 12, two festive sales will be reserved for families living in residential centres or who have benefited from the BSE service. The Banque Sociale de l'Equipement (BSE) is a system that allows families in precarious situations accessing a first permanent home to buy what they need to make their new home comfortable at a very low cost.

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