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Dec. 2016
Dec. 2017
new jobs for the disabled
20 000 €
Donation by Carrefour Foundation

Elixir : collect, transformation, and food distribution

Elixir is acting to fight against food waste by transforming unsold fruits and vegetables and creating jobs for disabled people.

Elixir is a new social enterprise, which was created in 2016. Their mission is to tackle food waste and create jobs by the professional insertion of disabled people.

Food waste represents more than 720 000 tons of products every year in France and the unemployment rate is more than 10% in the department of the Gironde. Elixir is therefore tackling two major issues, food waste and social inclusion, those two social issues are also key for the Carrefour Foundation.

The objectives of 2017 is to reduce by 7% the food waste of fruits and vegetables and employ 21 disabled people, a great project that the Carrefour Foundation is following closely !

Elixir has commercialized a first product mix named "Sains et Saufs" that you can now buy in Carrefour Merignac.


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