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Jan. 2009
Dec. 2009
young people aged 7 - 17 years attended school in 2009
€ 100 000
budget for 2009
Carrefour Brazil

Education through sports

The Carrefour Foundation is helping the National Sports Association through its "Integrar Arte e Vida" program.

A study carried out by the National Sports Association shows that sport can be a good way for young people to feel less alienated by the education system and be more willing to go to school. Practising a sport can be a way to learn the rules of living together, as well as respect and cooperation. It also helps young people to bring out their best, combating the idleness that is often at the root of violence and drug abuse. Several leading sports personalities like Bernardinho and Marcel Dessailly have put their names behind the initiative.

Since 2007, the program has set up 6 centres in Santos and opened its doors to 1020 young people aged 7 to 17. In April 2009, a new centre was opened in Cubatão, enabling a further 120 children to benefit from the project and focusing particularly on 4 schools.

With support from the Foundation in 2009, the project enabled 765 more young people to be taught in 4 schools. Carrefour staff in Brazil played an active part in the program. In 2009, 67 employees helped tell customers about the association, while 20 staff members taught at the Carrefour Institute.



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