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Mar. 2013
Mar. 2013
€ 95 244
donation to the association

Donation to deaf and bling children

Last year, the Carrefour Solidarity Foundation (Spain) launched a solidarity campaign named "Communicate with Deaf and Blind Children" on behalf of the FOAPS foundation for the deaf and blind.

Organized in conjunction with the Cultura team, this was a very special project which was conceived with the objective of mobilizing economic resources to reduce the social and communicative isolation in which these seriously disabled children live.

Thanks to the campaign we managed to collect € 95,244 – far in excess of our initial target of € 60,000. A spectacular achievement that went to paying for 40 multisensorial stimulation kits and other technology aids (computers, mobile phones, software) which are essential for the development of these children.

The equipment was handed over on 2 February in the Madrid headquarters of FOAPS, at a ceremony attended by the councillor for social affairs of Madrid autonomous community, Salvador Victoria, the chairman of the Carrefour Solidarity Foundation, Rafael Arias-Salgado, the chairman of the Spanish national organization for the blind (ONCE) and its foundation, Miguel Carballeda, and the chairwoman of FOAPS, Patricia Sanz Cameo.

We at Carrefour Spain are all extremely proud to have made our contribution to this campaign, which enabled us to “put the world within reach” of deaf and blind children.

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