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Oct. 2017
Oct. 2018
€74 415
Carrefour Foundation funding
1 million
meals distributed by Carrefour Argentina to Fundación Margarita Barrientos
Fundación Margarita Barrientos

Distribution of hot meals for homeless people in Buenos Aires with Fundación Margarita Barrientos

Established in 1996, the Margarita Barrientos Fundación tries to fight against poverty, exclusion, and the lack of access to food in Argentina.



It is more precisely in Buenos Aires and particularly in Villa Soldati, one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city, that Margarita Barrientos has decided to act; by giving access to meals to 2,500 people in great difficulty everyday, but also through others facilities: a shelter for victims of domestic violence, a nursery, a center dedicated to the elderly, a library and many other infrastructures. While working with "Red Solidaria", an association dedicated to support homeless people, Margarita Barrientos tries to reduce social inequalities

There is also a historic partnership between the Maragarita Barrientos Fundación and Carrefour Argentina. The brand has organised several food collection campaigns and toy drives since 2012. In August 2017, Carrefour will launch the second edition of its "Una ayuda que alimenta" (A help that feeds) campaignin order to encourage customers to support the foundation by buying Carrefour products, as while you purchase one product among the references of the brand, one meal is delivered. In 2016, the first campaign enabled to fund 1 year of food for the solidarity restaurant "Los Piletines", so to speak 650 000 meals.

In 2017, the Carrefour Foundation committed to financing the overall budget of a food truck to deliver hot and balanced meals to homeless people, which represents €74,415

For more information, you will find an article with a  video (in spanish) : http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2017/08/04/margarita-barrientos-la-argentina-que-da-de-comer-a-2-600-personas-todos-los-dias/


For their 15th anniversary, the Fundación Carrefour Argentina and "Red Solidaria" organised a diner at the "Plaza de Mayo" in Buenos Aires on Tuesday 3rd of October for more than 450 homeless people.

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