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Aug. 2014
Jul. 2016
editions per year
130 000
copies of each of them
Donation of the Foundation

Debout, a magazine at everyone disposal!


Debout Association aims to build, develop and promote solutions of information, communication, training and insertion to fight against poverty, and to promote people’s economic and social inclusion.

Debout (“Stand Up”) bears a new and unique project to bring information closer to the people in need. By carrying various issues of every-day life, the magazine offers its readers concrete means to live a better life and make plans for the future. Overwhelmed by too much information and administrative complexity, some people find it hard to select the right piece of information and to easily and rapidly make decisions. Debout may well change that situation.

Each year, Debout delivers four issues, and prints around 130,000 copies of each of them, allowing its 500,000 readers to become aware of their rights, their duties and the opportunities to seize in order to improve their daily life. For instance, the reader can find precise and precious indications about budget, accommodation, food, job, education, culture and entertainment…

In a bid to minimize social exclusion, the Carrefour Foundation is convinced that this approach makes a lot of sense since it is a powerful tool to raise awareness among the most needy. Therefore, grants were allocated to this project in order to enhance the website visibility. In addition, Debout and the Foundation are working together on a colloquium scheduled for October. The topic of the event will be about how to use of information to enhance social and economic integration.


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