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Sep. 2015
Sep. 2015
11 000 children
have benefited from preschool education and better nutrition through FCG program

Collection in hypermarkets for OvidiuRo


Between September 1st and October 4th, Carrefour and OvidiuRo Association are conducting a fundraising campaign to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to kindergarten every day – the first step towards school and towards a better future through education. For a month, customers can choose to donate one RON at the cash register, in all 28 Carrefour hypermarkets throughout the country.

The action is part of the awareness raising campaign on the importance of preschool education Without education, dreams disappear – conducted this autumn by OvidiuRo and its partners, and its beneficiaries are the poor children of the program entitled Every Child in Kindergarten (Fiecare Copil în Grădiniță – FCG).

The key element of the program is the social vouchers worth RON 50 (€12) per month, subject to attendance, helping poor parents provide their children with the daily snack. In exchange, they have to make sure their children aged 3 to 5 years go to pre-school every day. Of all children who have benefited from the program, 98% were enrolled in school, and 64% continue to have good and very good attendance. Today, the program is implemented in 43 communities in 11 counties and supports 2,400 children.

According to a World Bank report, two thirds of vulnerable children aged 3-5 in Romania are not enrolled in kindergarten (comparatively, 77% of the children from middle-income families attend kindergarten). Therefore, these children start school without basic skills – from social skills to the mere ability to identify shapes, colours, numbers, letters – which makes school success almost impossible and inevitably leads to dropout.

“Access to education, starting with kindergarten, is essential to children at risk because they can become either the tomorrow’s supported by social services or, on the contrary, the active, taxpayer adults. We are glad to have Carrefour as a long-term supporter of the Every Child in Kindergarten program and together to convince people that it is only through education that we can change destinies and, why not, even our country’s future.” said Maria Gheorghiu, Co-founder of OvidiuRo.

“As part of the social responsibility strategy, we direct our efforts towards ensuring a better life for the Romanians, therefore we are actively involved in programs focused on education and nutrition. We gladly join this approach, which allows us to achieve a common dream – to create an environment conducive to the development of a solid society, where early education is the first step.” said Andreea Mihai, Marketing Director of Carrefour Romania.

Carrefour Romania supports OvidiuRo’s projects of 2006 and, since 2010, it has been supporting the Each Child in Kindergarten program, providing both financial support and donations of products for various events and Medical Caravans. Carrefour Foundation has also been one of the major investors of the FCG program since 2013, through a total grant of EUR 577,700.

About OvidiuRo Association and Every Child in Kindergarten: OvidiuRo’s mission is to make quality early education available to every poor child in Romania so they can become active members of society.

The Each Child in Kindergarten program was launched by OvidiuRo Association and the Ministry of Education and Research in July 2010. Since then, 11,000 children from over 43 rural and small urban communities have benefited from preschool education and better nutrition through FCG.

For more details, visit www.ovid.ro.

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