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Co-financing of a refrigerated vehicle in Buenos Aires for the Food Banks

In Argentina the Federation of Food Banks, founded in June 2003 and is made up of 17 organizations fighting malnutrition and lack of access to food. Since 2014, the Carrefour Foundation has been working with them by funding their projects.

In 2014, the Foundation helped the federation by providing € 59,148 for a refrigerated vehicle, in order to optimize the transport and storage of foodstuffs for the poor in Buenos Aires. Then in 2015, the Carrefour Foundation equipped 12 food banks with pallet trucks, racks and cold rooms to professionalize the infrastructures and thus process more fresh products and collect more food, for a total of 103 000 €.

In 2016, a new project was funded in Rosario. The objective is to build a warehouse to redistribute the products more efficiently, with a large storage area, cold rooms, offices and training rooms, in order to triple the number of foodstuffs collected and associations involved. The foundation has participated with a share of 95,400 €, but the project is still searching for funding.

In 2017, Carrefour Foundation is co-financing a refrigerated vehicle for the Food Bank of Buenos Aires (15 000€), in order to collect 50 additional tonnes of food. The importance of a project like this is particularly strong, in order to promote respect of the cold chain, hygiene rules and food security.


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