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Chênelet's chocolate workshop

The social entreprise in the north of France has a new project: to open a chocolate workshop, who would employ marginalized people.

Chênelet is a social enterprise who supports marginalized people for the last 30 years and offers close follow-up and work availabilities in different streams: wood industry, eco construction, food industry and company’s support (administration, logistic, hygiene etc…).

The people who are employed work in different areas. Marginalized people will be able to be trained up, and the social enterprise promotes local and durable economy.


In 2017, Chênelet aims to develop an organic and fairtrade chocolate workshop. This workshop will employ marginalized people. The chocolate will be provided from Panama, Peru, Columbia and Vietnam, which is involved in a reforestation project. In 2015, Carrefour Foundation had already funded a project of a cannery which employed marginalized people. Since then, more than 62 000 tins were made. Carrefour Foundation is proud to be following a new project of chocolate workshop!


The chocolate workshop inaugurated a new chocolate production equipment in March 2018. Both Chênelet Chiefs have been receiving a one day training et have already produced several pieces of chocolate… full of promises!  With Easter coming, this delicious creation could not arrive at a better time.



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