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Jul. 2018
Jul. 2019
tons of unsold products
meals cooked per day
45 000€
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2018

The charity “Les restos du Coeur” implements vacuum packing in Clermont-Ferrand to distribute meals to homeless people


“Les restos du Coeur” were founded in 1985 by Coluche, a French humorist, to support people in the most vulnerable situations. The association works with volunteers to promote the economic and social reinsertion of homeless people, in particular by distributing free meals.


The Carrefour Foudation has worked with “Les restos du Coeur” since 2010. “Les restos du coeur” built height kitchens that have a double impact, supporting both people in reinsertion and homeless people. . Since 2016, 222 employees in reinsertion worked to prepare meals for vulnerable people.



In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation support the kitchen of Clermont-Ferrand on a new project. Thanks to vacuum packing, the twelve employees of the kitchen will be able to prepare 200 meals per night that will be distributed to homeless people. The teams will be able to handle food waste and improve the quality of the meals. In particular, they intend to collect more beef meat. It the project is a success, it will be extended to the eight kitchens in France.



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