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Some Figures
Apr. 2017
Nov. 2019
€100 000
Grant from the Carrefour Foundation since 2017
"Petites cantines"
10 000

The charity "Les Petites Cantines" is expanding in France to promote healthy and solidarity meals


The association Les Petites Cantines works with the aim of creating a network of conviviality, trust and solidarity. The objective is to create several neighbourhood tables, to encourage social inclusion and enable people to feel connected to others, while respecting the principles of sustainable food.



In 2017, the Carrefour Foundation supported Les Petites Cantines for the opening of two canteens in Lyon. A canteen is usually located in the centre of a district, with an equipped kitchen. Neighbourhood residents can come together for a balanced meal and create social cohesion, regardless of differences in age, background, culture or language. Small canteens accommodate vulnerable people for whom individual monitoring and support are provided. The prepared meals come from local producers, short circuit, bulk products and unsold food collections. The vast majority of products are from organic farming. Each meal costs nine euros but participation is free, which allows small canteens to adapt to different audiences and each inhabitant to participate to the extent of their means.


In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation supported the opening of four new small canteens in Annecy, Strasbourg, Dijon and Lyon

In the long term, the association plans to open tweety-five canteens throughout France over the next five years.


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