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May. 2018
May. 2019
€14 384 €
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2018
Students trained in the new programs
Les Apprentis d'Auteuil

The charity « Les Apprentis d’Auteuil » improves the bakery apprenticeship program in Notre-Dame vocational school


The charity “Les Apprentis d'Auteuil” develops reception, education, training and integration programs to restore confidence among young people and vulnerable families, while passing on quality knowledge and know-how. More than five thousand families in difficulty are supported each year.



In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation decided to support the vocational school managed by “Les Apprentis d'Auteuil”, in the west of Chartres in France. Every year, the vocational school Notre-Dame welcomes young people aged 15 to 19 to various apprenticeship programs, including the bakery sector. The bakery sector aims to prepare students for the CAP Boulanger or the Bac Pro Boulanger-Pâtissier and offers a professional training course, including two months in a company. In order to improve the employability of young people after their exams, the school wanted to set up two complementary training modules. A total of thirteen students received specific training on sandwiches and salty bakery products or a module on specific breads.



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