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Some Figures
Oct. 2018
Oct. 2018
40 000
small services provided
€145 000€
grant from the Carrefour Foundation since 2015
La Cloche

The charity "La Cloche" launches one of the first communication campaign aiming at homeless people

On Monday the 22nd of October, the association "La Cloche" launched the first communication campaign aimed at homeless people as part of the "Le Carillon" project. Existing since 2015, this vast scheme brings together 700 shopkeepers who have chosen to provide small services to people living on the street, such as recharging their phones, having access to toilets or a simple glass of water. The project began in Paris before expanding to Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille. The Carrefour Foundation has supported the Carillon project since 2015, and again in 2016 for a total of 127 000€. In 2018, the Foundation supported up to €18 000 another project of the association called "La Cloche à Biscuits", for the making of cookies by people in reinsertion.


Despite the efforts of the Carillon ambassadors, the initiative is little known to the homeless. Based on surveys that indicate that 80% of homeless people have a mobile phone, the posters indicate a toll-free number that will allow people in need to contact volunteers and make their way to partner shops. The visual of the campaign was offered by a communication agency and will be displayed free of charge in various places, including metro stations.


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