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Dec. 2016
Dec. 2019
€145 000
grant from the Carrefour Foundation since 2015
Le Carillon

The charity "La Cloche" launches a biscuit factory and plans the development of the Carillon programme

The association "La Cloche" aims to create projects that generate social bounds. Its first project, Le Carillon, is a support network for the homeless. Thanks to Le Carillon, it is possible to rebound socially with the local population, by having free access to small daily services. This project has three advantages: it improves homeless living conditions, changes others’ vision of them as well as giving them hope and confidence, and it highlights the network’s partners.

Partner of the Carrefour Foundation since 2015, the Carillon project is now to extend this beautiful idea:

- by spinning the network in all Parisian arrondissements and other major cities, including Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Bordeaux.

- by setting up a conciergerie for small jobs to enable homeless to have a professional activity

- by creating a biscuit factory in late 2017, with 35 employees, to manufacture and sell organic self-made biscuits

The Carrefour Foundation is funding the project for € 110,000 for the development costs of the job-creating biscuit factory. Organic biscuits following a medieval recipe is an innovative idea and remind us of the reversed popular soup: the homeless cook! 6 persons in difficulty have been hired by the factory, from very diverse backgrounds (homeless people, vulnerable families, isolated person...). And while the first recipe has already been a success, they are currently testing a second delicious biscuit made with chocolate ! Many free tastings have been organized with partners and local associations.

In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation supports the purchase of the “crumbler”, an innovative machine. The “crumbler” crushes unsold bread, collected in Carrefour shops. The powder can be used to replace flour in cookies recipes. “La Cloche à Biscuits” will start selling in 2019 a third type of cookies, made from unsold bread !

To learn more about this initiative : https://www.laclocheabiscuits.org/

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