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Some Figures
Nov. 2018
Nov. 2019
€50 000
Granted by Carrefour Foundation in 2018

The charity "Baluchon" wishes to expand the project of a restaurant with a double social impact


Baluchon restauration is an integration company of the Baluchon Group which markets, through various channels and throughout the Ile de France, ready meals and catering services prepared exclusively from fresh produce in a laboratory located in the heart of a political district in the city of Seine Saint Denis.



Since 2017, Baluchon has been running the RADIS (Double Impact Social Restaurant) project, which provides meals for Emmaus Défi employees two days a week by offering them diversified and quality meals. RADIS has three impacts: improving the catering offer for people supported by social structures, training people who are far from employment and combating food waste since meals are made from unsold cooked food.

In 2018, the Carrefour Foundation is supporting Baluchon to carry out a feasibility study to assess the experiment, as well as its economic, legal, fiscal and technical feasibility. Ultimately, the project's objective is to be extended from 2021.

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