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Mar. 2018
Mar. 2019
€30 000
Granted by Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation

Carrefour Spain funds sensory stimulation rooms for children with uncommon illnesses

Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation and the Association of People with Uncommon Illnesses and Disabilities ‘Sense Barreres’ from Petrer, Alicante, have opened two multi-sensory stimulation rooms for young people with uncommon illnesses.

The purpose of the two rooms is to improve the social and communication skills and encourage the sensory-motor development of the 50 children and young people. It will assist children and families who, until now, had no access to specific treatment.

The passive stimulation room, designed for users with more severe cognitive impairment, has an individual working space and is equipped with various apparatus designed to reinforce stimuli. The active stimulation room, on the other hand, is aimed at young people with moderate to light cognitive impairment; it has independent working areas divided into three modules: tactile, olfactory and gustatory. This centre will open its doors to families caring for young people with a condition so that they may benefit from this new service as well.


The ‘Sense Barreres’ association has been able to bring this initiative to fruition thanks to the donation of €30,000 made by Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation.

Within the framework of the “Carrefour Year of Support for Uncommon Illnesses”, Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation created three “Support Funds” to assist young people with uncommon illnesses that made it possible to give the Spanish Federation of Uncommon Illnesses, FEDER, a total €326,283 to cover the urgent needs of over 4,000 young people with these conditions. ‘Sense Barreres’ is one of the entities that is a member of FEDER and a beneficiary of this initiative.

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