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Oct. 2018
Oct. 2018
€583 939
donation from Carrefour Solidarity and Carrefour stores clients

Carrefour Spain and the Red Cross support children going back to school

The Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation has launched a social initiative as part of the "Vuelta al Cole Solidaria" (Back to Solidarity School) campaign to cover the needs of more than 19,000 minors in vulnerable and socially disadvantaged situations, for a total of €583,939.


As in previous editions, the objective of this initiative is to "free backpacks from the worries of adults" and to reduce the strong economic impact that the purchase of school supplies for the new school year represents for thousands of families with limited resources in Spain.



To this end, Carrefour is launching this solidarity action by directly donating school supplies to 6,000 children in social emergency situations. In addition to this donation, Carrefour's customers made contributions during the campaign. A total of 204 hypermarkets from all over Spain participated in the Vuelta al Cole Solidaria, which employs more than 4,300 Red Cross volunteers to collect and distribute school supplies. The Red Cross has been a partner of the Carrefour Spain Solidarity Foundation for more than 15 years in order to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people.



"Starting school on an equal footing should be an inalienable right for any minor because he or she is a child."

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