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Some Figures
Jan. 2010
Dec. 2010
100 000
9 400
tonnes of food products collected
19 million
meals served in 2010
€16 100
grant from the Carrefour Foundation in 2010
€90 000
grant from the Foundation in 2013
Fondazione Banco Alimentare
Carrefour Italia
Food Banks

Carrefour Italy and the national Food Bank

In 2010, Carrefour Italy and “Fondazione Banco Alimentare” organised a collection of fresh food products in all Carrefour stores in Italy.

Since 1989, the Fondazione Banco Alimentare has been distributing these fresh groceries to over 8 000 community social organisations in Italy. To encourage good practices within the Carrefour Group, on 29 March 2010 Carrefour Italy and Fondazione Banco Alimentare signed a framework agreement on the donation of food surpluses and the collection of fresh produce in all Carrefour stores in Italy.

In order to secure food supplies for all beneficiaries of the partner associations and respond to the hygiene and safety requirements of food collections in stores, a program was developed to offer training in food sorting for the volunteers in the 21 food banks in Italy, as well as in the use and distribution of foods collected from stores.

In 2010, as a result of donations from producers, the food industry, supermarkets, the European Union  and the general public, the food banks in Italy were able to collect and distribute 9 400 tonnes of food produce, equivalent to 19 million meals.

There are currently 24 hypermarkets involved in this project and it is planned to extend it by the end of the year to all the hypermarkets, or ten more. 




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