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Oct. 2013
Dec. 2018
€50 000
Grant from the Foundation in 2017
€100 000
grant from the Foundation in 2014
€150 000
grant from the Foundation in 2013
3 307 400
students educated
Maud Fontenoy Foundation

The Carrefour Foundation and Maud Fontenoy

Fort the 2014 school term , Maud Fontenoy, president of the foundation that bears her name, officially announced the two components of a campaign conceived with the support of the Carrefour Foundation.

Firstly, the MFF marked the start of the new school year with an education pack designed to arouse the interest of young secondary-school students in the oceans and raise their awareness of the interconnected problems of preserving fish stocks, food and nutrition. Another major national challenge featuring on the MFF’s calendar, designed for classes who wish to stand out from the crowd, involves presenting projects for communications campaign on the theme “Climate change : it's time to move”, exploring for example, the role of the oceans in our diet.

Education packs

Since lest year, the Maud Fontenoy Foundation has been distributing its education pack on the oceans to 7,100 lower secondary schools in mainland France and its overseas territories to provide support for teachers in their lessons on the sea, which is part of this year’s school curriculum. Pupils have used ten themed factsheets designed in conjunction with the French Ministry of Education, the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and the Maritime Cluster to discover, amongst other things, why the seas are vital for human beings and the key role they play in our planet’s food security, thus touching on questions in which the Carrefour Foundation has a keen interest. Simple ideas and advice to respond to both nutritional and environmental issues, including tips on learning how to choose good fish.

In 2017, the Carrefour Foundation granted €50 000 for the development of a new educational kit, especially designed for primary schools. This new tool is focusing on zero food waste trainings and aims to raise awareness amongst children.


The “national schools challenge”

Communications campaign projects on the theme "Climate change : it's time to move"”. The challenge will take place from March 2015 to June 2015.

On Thursday, June 5, 2014, Sophie Fourchy, the head of the Carrefour Foundation, awarded a prize to the pupils of the Glanum College of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence for their movie “Arrête”.

Other projects