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Some Figures
Jan. 2007
May. 2017
80 000 €
Donation from the Foundation in 2016
96 219
products given by Carrefour
Agence du Don en Nature
Goods to Give

Carrefour Foundation at an ADN event

L'Agence du Don en Nature (ADN) – also known as "Goods to Give" – collects and then distributes non-food products to not-for-profit associations.


 Today, more than 9 million people live under the poverty line in France and do not have access to non-food products, which are necessary for daily life (washing up liquid, shampoo, clothes, kitchenware…).

Created in 2008, ‘l’Agence du Don en Nature’ (ADN) has one objective: to collect the unsold goods of first necessary from large companies and to give them out to people who are vulnerable and marginalized, through a network of charities and an online platform. ADN is therefore complementary to Food Banks because they work with non-alimentary goods.

In 2016, 32 million euros worth of products were given to 900 000 marginalized people and Carrefour gave away 96 219 products.

ADN launched a project with Greenwiz where clients can do a donation of products by buying a donation pack. These donation packs are then delivered to AND who gives them away to charities.

On Thursday 23rd March, an event on the paradox of generosity in a consuming society, will take place in Paris, within the national week of giving. Sophie Fourchy, head of the Carrefour Foundation, will testify on the role of Carrefour and it’s Foundation, and the historical partnership between ADN and Carrefour.

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