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Some Figures
Feb. 2016
Feb. 2017
7 marginalised people
employed in each bakery
€80 000
Funding from the Carrefour Foundation

Bread that’s 100% organic, 100% social


For Bou’Sol, civic engagement means more than being environmentally friendly.

The 5 bakeries of Bou'Sol– two of which opened this year – supply restaurants and caterers with bread that is 100% organic and without additives. But the co-operative has also designed a toolkit on how to set up a social bakery and has joined with partners in the trade to develop a policy to help the unemployed find work.

Each bakery employs 10 people, 7 of them via an employability scheme, and has a production facility that bakes 500,000 loaves of bread annually, for almost 40 clients in the restaurant business.

With support from the Carrefour Foundation, Bou’Sol has recruited 3 people to develop the network of social bakeries.



For the national bread day, the several bakeries organised activities around France, during the whole month of May 2017.

A great project that is organic, local and social!

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