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Dec. 2018
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Artistic workshop in Shanghai gives a second life to vegetables


Carrefour Foundation and the association Oasis started their collaboration in 2015, on an education program designed for vulnerable children, to raise awareness on healthy eating, with a balanced diet.

The anti waste workshops organized in Shanghai are part of this initiative. Indeed, 100 million tons of vegetables are wasted within China every year. Food products go a long way from their producer to Chinese consumers: harvest, storage, transformation, handling, transportation … It takes quite a lot to reach our plates! 

Carrefour stores in Xujing decided to give a second life to these vegetables. In partnership with Shanghai Green Oasis, they decided to organize an artistic workshop with children customizing recycled bags thanks to vegetable peelings. Many parents also took part to this festive afternoon, as well as the Carrefour Xujing shop manager.

Originally, it is a Chinese game played by children, with coins. Nowadays, innovation replaces coins by vegetables.  Once painted, the children draw some original and colorful shapes on Carrefour bags. Each of them is a unique, reusable model, and is available at checkout. The total amount of profits is given to support local food actions of Shanghai Green Oasis.