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Jan. 2016
May. 2017
grant from the Carrefour Foundation
180 000
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Amigos do Bem: educational garden and professional training

In Brazil, the association "Amigos do Bem” (Friends doing good) fights against hunger and exclusion through education and support. In 2016, they launched a nutrition program, including the creation of educational gardens and professional training programs. This allows the rural development and the financial autonomy of the young people helped, while improving the nutritional level of their food as well as the biodiversity.

By funding € 54,500 for this project, the Carrefour Foundation is participating in the setting up of 124 workshops for the training of 940 young people between 13 and 21 years old and nearly 180,000 meals prepared thanks to the community gardens per year, in a no food waste approach: fruit, leaves, bark, seeds, the whole product is used.




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