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Agri'pain: a solution for job creation


How to fight against food wasting while helping unemployed people?

The Association Revivre intends to, by means of its Integration Workshop named Agri' Pain, to connect both theseproblems to create an innovative project both on the ecological and socioeconomic aspect. Thus, the project consists in collecting unsold bread from bakeries and hypermarkets to transform it into cattle supply in order tosell it to the breeders. If certain conditions such as the logistic capacity of processing the bread remain necessary, the project is extremely innovative and has a great added-value due to its numerous and complementary objectives. Not only does the project plan to provide 14 job-creation contracts, 50 % return rate on employment and the collection of 800 tons of bread a year, the use of this type of cattly supply instead of corn, which is traditionally used, turns out to be better for the animals and for the breeders. By allying the fight against bread waste and the integration process through related jobs, Agri' Pain has caught the attention of the Foundation which finances a fifth of the total budget of the project.


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