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Nov. 2017
Nov. 2017
12.5 million
Meals distributed
Stores involved

5th international Food Bank collection: Results 2017

Carrefour and its Foundation mobilised teams in 10 countries (Taiwan, followed by Romania, France, Italy, Argentina, Spain,Poland, Brazil, China and Belgium) and more than 3100 stores for the 5th international collection campaign for the national Food Bank federations.

From October 2017 to end January 2018, the teams helped alongside the Carrefour Foundation in a huge solidarity effort for the food banks.

It's finally 12.5 millions of meals that will be distributed thanks to the collection from all the countries and mobilized over 1740 colleagues in Carrefour stores



The amount of donations from clients has increased as well as the number of supermarkets Carrefour involved. In doing so, the number of distributed meals increased by 36% between 2016 and 2017.

In France, with 11 500 tons of product donated directly from stores in 2017, Carrefour remains the first private donor and represents 27.6 % of the total volume of donations to Food Banks in France.

In Belgium, the Solidarity Rounding-up campaign conducted in Carrefour stores in January 2018 for the Food Banks enabled to collect €226 410, to support Belgian Food Banks.



In addition to these donations and collections of food products, the Carrefour Foundation is helping food banks to improve their logistics capabilities. This support also involves the purchase of refrigerated vehicles to maintain the cold chain and keep products fresh during transportation. The Foundation also funds refrigeration facilities in the food banks to store the goods.



In 2017, the Foundation gave a total of €131 300 to the FFBA for the purchase of 6 refrigerated vehicles, 2 cold room and the creation of a fruits and vegetables transformation workshop. Moreover, an endowment of €22 000 was attributed to FEBA to co finance a cycle of professional training for the European food banks managers.



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