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Some Figures
Oct. 2016
Dec. 2016
countries collected
9,3 millions
meals collected
1 725
Carrefour supermarkets involved
3 000
volunteer employees

4th international Food Bank collection results 2016

From Taipei to Brussels,Carrefour and its Foundation mobilised teams in 10 countries and more than 3 200 stores for the 4th international collection campaign for the national Food Bank federations.

From October to end December 2016, the teams of our 10 countries helped alongside the Carrefour Foundation in a huge solidarity effort for the food banks. It's finally 9.3 millions of meals that will be distribued thanks to the collection from all the countries and mobilised over 2 900 colleagues in Carrefour stores. In total, the international campaign led by Carrefour and food banks enabled the collection of 9,3 million meals in 10 countries in 2016.

The amount of donations from clients has increased as well as the number of supermarkets Carrefour involved also (2 244 tons and 1 725 participating supermarkets in France).

In France, with 11 239 tons of product donated directly from stores in 2016, Carrefour remains the first private donor and represents 26.6 % of the total volume of donations to Food Banks in France.

In addition, Carrefour Foundation has contributed to around 30 refrigerated vehicules and 2 cold rooms in Poland, Taiwan, France and the DOM-TOM as well as training to Food Bank volunteers.



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