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A 2nd rehabilitation bakery in Montpellier : Drôle de Pain


The company "Drôle de Pain", founded in 2013, opens its second bakery in Montpellier. A shop, a delivery service, a restaurant and an in-site production at the same time, the bakery is also a training center for people in precarious situations, with 5 supervising employees and 5 employees in integration. Their goal is to create 10 additional jobs, and 49 people were trained in the company in the last three years of its existence.

The Carrefour Foundation is funding € 30,000 for this beautiful project, in order to equip the kitchen with a ventilated oven among others. The company wants - in addition to sales, delivery and services - to develop other activities such as packed lunches, biscuits, local products, bakery classes ... It’s a very decisive and valuing training for the people who enter it, because it is a promising sector and the company is respectful of the environment.

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