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Oct. 2016
Dec. 2016
150 000€
total donation to NGOs
Taiwan Cultural and Educational Foundation

1st Edition of the Solidarity Clic in Taiwan

This initiative has helped to put the spotlight on small organisations that are combatting food waste and malnutrition, or promoting urban agriculture. An excellent way to heighten awareness of Taiwanese people aboout these issues.

For the first time in 2013, on the occassion of the 50th anniversary of the Carrefour Hypermarkets, Carrefour and its Foundation launched a call for projects on the subject of alimentation to support local solidary initiatives. With about 800 000 votes, the customers and the online voters discovered 216 projects!

In light of this success and those of similar initiatives in Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Italy in the last 3 years, Carrefour Taiwan Foundation launched a call for projects on October 16th to identify and support projects carried out by local NGOs or associations who work in the field of food supply for the most vulnerable.

This event is also the perfect occasion, on the 20th anniversay of the Carrefour Taiwan Foundation, to learn more about their CSR actions and solidarity projects since 1996!

Website: http://campaign.carrefour.com.tw/event/clickfoodpower

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