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Some Figures
Apr. 2016
May. 2017
180 000 €
6 ONG funded
2 490 000 €
donated to 85 NGOs over the years

180 000 € to 6 spanish ONGs


Carrefour Spain grants € 180,000 to 6 six NGOs to improve the quality of life of children in difficulty.


At the 14th annual Call for Projects of Carrefour Spain's Fundacion Solidaridad, six charity organizations were designated by 33,877 Carrefour employees after evaluating 618 proposals. The aim is to support care-oriented social actions for children with special needs. As part of the "Call for projects" program, Carrefour Spain has donated a total of 2,490,000 euros to 85 charities in recent years.

The aid granted will enable the Down Syndrome Association (ASNISMO) of the Balearic islands to acquire a minibus. This bus will enable children with Down syndrome who reside in remote rural communities to attend special centers where they receive comprehensive care.

Another award-winning organization is the Association of Rare Diseases of Genes of Murcia. It will use this assistance to create and equip the first European center for the treatment of children suffering from Fragile X syndrome as well as other rare diseases in order to improve the development of their physical, cognitive and sensory abilities.

The Association of People with Rare Diseases and Handicap "Sense Barreres" in Petrer, in the province of Alicante, aims to create a sensory stimulation room in order to improve And perceptual ability of children with a widespread illness.

The Sevillian Association of Cerebral Palsy, a member of the ASPACE association, will use these funds to integrate vibrations into the physiotherapy sessions received by children in the province suffering from cerebral palsy. The aim is to stimulate their motor skills and their level of autonomy.

For the Family Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Tenerife, this assistance will fund a multisensory stimulation room. Students of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen school with an intellectual disability will be able to improve their physical and intellectual capacities through motor and sensory experiences.

Finally, thanks to this financial assistance, the Autism Association of Palencia will be able to acquire diagnostic and evaluation equipment for children with autism as well as technological and stimulation equipment for children and their families.

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